One Girl Australia

School Furnishings – Magbafth Primary School, Sierra Leone
The UCF grant will be used to help provide essential furnishings to the new school building at the Magbafth Primary School.

This will include tables, benches and blackboards.

The One Girl project aims to increase attendance at schools to create a ripple effect of educated girls with an increased capacity to earn which in turn benefits their family and community.

Australia HOPE International

HOPE Schools Projects: 40 desks – East Africa
Australia HOPE International was begun in 2003 by Bill and Norma Osborne to help educate orphans and children in need.

Their application was for HOPE schools projects: three of the schools urgently needed desks which would be made by local carpenters and labourers in just one month once the funds were received and the wood purchased.

Forty desks will be made. Each desk can seat 3-5 children and will get them off the dirt floor and give the children something to write on as well as providing a better learning environment.

Life Education SA (LESA)

Drug and Health Education
Life Education South Australia (LESA) is a charity that is a community-based, independent organisation at the front line of positive and preventative drug and health education.

Helping young people make informed decisions about their health and drugs is at the heart of their programmes.