Mahboba’s Promise (Afghanistan)

Hope Begins With Water
Water is a scarce resource in Afghanistan. Often there isn’t any plumbing system to ensure a reliable supply of water. Every house and every building has to find their own water source, often this entails digging a well, often it entails children walking long distances and then carrying the heavy loads back home.

The Humour Foundation

Clown Doctors – Adelaide
The South Australian Clown Doctors programme treats sick children in hospital with a special kind of medicine; doses of fun, smiles and laughter.

This is the third year that UCF has been proud to support the Clown Doctors’ programme in Adelaide to help create and spread smiles where they are needed most, and to make laughter the best medicine.

Childhood Cancer Association Inc

Family Support Pack items
Each year in South Australia an average of 60 children are newly diagnosed with cancer. The majority of families who have a child diagnosed with cancer, are referred immediately to the Childhood Cancer Association by the social workers at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

The Childhood Cancer Association counsellors meet with the family to explain the support and services available to them and at this time, each family is also given a Family Support Pack.

Innovative Youth with Action Uganda

Girl Empowerment Project
This project, which will be implemented in Ngora District in Kobuin Sub-county Eastern Uganda, has a life span of 5 months.

Innovative Youth with Action Uganda (IYAU) is a grassroots community based integrated empowerment programme aimed at offering livelihoods, capacity building for women, gender issues,

​Pangea Educational Development

School sanitation facilities (Uganda)
Pangea Educational Development (PED) is a Chicago based 501(c)3 non­profit organization formed in 2011 which is committed to empowering schools and unifying communities through the development of sustainable projects at school sites in Uganda.

HeartKids SA/NT

Teen-Family Camp leadership activities
HeartKids of South Australia Inc (HKSA) provide support, information and resources to children and young people who have Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) and their families.

HKSA is concerned with congenital heart disorders and acquired heart disorders (those which develop through other illnesses). It is one of the most common birth abnormalities affecting 1 in 100 children with over 2,000 Australian children born with CHD every year.

John Fawcett Foundation

“Reducing Avoidable Blindness – One Kampung* at a Time”
The purpose of the project is to demonstrate that avoidable blindness can be significantly reduced in a targeted population in a selected kampung on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, with successes rolled out through a rigorous replication process to other poor Lombok kampung expressing a willingness to partner and contribute in-kind support.

In February 2015, The John Fawcett Foundation applied again to UCF for $2,000 to fund a mobile eye clinic. You can read about their first UCF small grant awarded in February 2014.

Rocket ASD Specialists

Therapy for autistic children
Rocket was an idea forged from the experiences and passion of a family living with autism and their desire to help others achieve what they had. The son of Rocket’s founders was diagnosed with autism in the United Kingdom at 2 years old, placed squarely in the middle of the spectrum. After 3 years of intensive, high quality intervention based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour (ABA/VB) he is today at mainstream school, without support and indistinguishable from his peers.