Cobra and Mongoose Charity Group (Rwanda)

Rwanda Childcare (Nursery) Facility Fitout
Cobra and Mongoose Charity Group (C&M) was founded in 2003 by Michael Symons after travelling in developing countries and realising how lucky he was to be born in Australia.

Initially the charity was set up primarily to help support the many orphans left by the civil war in Sri Lanka. The first project was support for a girl’s orphanage in Kandy, financing a new kitchen and washing facilities. Cobra and Mongoose now positively impact the lives of thousands across Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

Over the past 16 years C&M have gained extensive experience in a variety of programmes. They have gained significant experience working with local charities to bring projects to fruition and consider the best outcomes are achieved when they work with the local NGOs/charities, who understand the needs of their local community and who work with, and in, that community.

Cobra and Mongoose are currently building a childcare facility in Rwanda. They are working with a NGO in Rwanda – Rwanda Volcanoes Opportunity Association. This facility will provide childcare for 35 children who will also be supplied with meals during the 8 hrs per day in care.

Project aims:

  1. To provide a childcare facility – provision of a childcare facility allows the mothers of the children to access work in the fields of the village
  2. Allowing mothers to work in the field assists them to break their poverty cycle. This will have a significant positive impact on those families. The village this facility is supporting is located in Musanze, a remote location, with very fertile land. The land is utilised for farming potatoes and it is anticipated the community will be able to grow 3 potato crops per year
  3. Additionally, the building can be used as a dual purpose meeting centre for the entire community. It will be the only building of its type in the village, so it will provide much needed infrastructure in the village.

During the build Cobra and Mongoose have been able to employ local labourers which has also assisted their families.

Cobra and Mongoose applied to UCF for a grant of $2,000 to allow them to assist in the fitout and equipment purchases for the childcare facility which will allow it to open in early 2020.

UCF directors felt the “ripple effect” will be felt throughout the community, as it is anticipated the reach of this building will be the entire village – care of the children, enabling the mothers to work, helping break the family poverty cycle and providing a structure for other uses within the community.

UCF directors were pleased to approve a grant of $2,000 to complete the fitout of the nursery for 35 children.


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