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Nabilala Community Development Programme (Uganda)

25 February 2016 UCF Comments Off

Hospital beds for the Nabilala Children Health Centre
Nabilala Community Development Programme is a grass roots organisation which constructed Nabilala Children Health Centre to offer medical services to the poor rural children of Nabilala and the neighbouring villages. They applied to UCF for a grant to purchase 10 hospital beds for the Nabilala Children Health Centre.

The nearest hospital is in Bugiri which is 15 km away and many children have lost their lives due to the lack of a nearby health facility where they can get medical attention. Malaria and water borne diseases are the biggest causes of death, but with the establishment of Nabilala Children Health Centre the fatality rates have reduced.

They offer treatment to children from the age of 1 day to 18 years. The adults who access medical services pay some user fees.

The direct beneficiaries in total are 2,900 children.

The objectives of the Health Centre are to:

  • promote community development by establishing village centres and clinics to offer preventive and curative care
  • promote self help projects by empowering individuals, institutions and communities
  • help communities with malnutrition problems and help where water and sanitation are inadequate
  • achieve better health through provision of health education to the community and school children
  • promote motherhood and child spacing practices
  • offer laboratory services and screening of blood for children against diseases like
    malaria, diarrhea etc.

The Health Centre has less beds than needed, yet the number of sick children admitted is at times high. Even expectant mothers, before and after giving birth, will use these hospital beds. In a year it is estimated that one bed will serve 50 people and the ten beds will benefit 500 people.