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A Special Invitation

UCF Partner Projects developed when Stan Kontos and Peter Gardiakos were told about Joyland Orphanage by a friend. They subsequently travelled to the Philippines in November 2012 and met with Pastor Rick Sutcliffe, his wife Suzet and the children of Joyland.

On their return to Adelaide, Stan and Peter suggested to the UCF Board that it would be great to sponsor an eggery for Joyland so that the orphanage could work toward a sustainable income. They then invited a number of local business people and friends to a “Joyland Presentation” and raised $25,000 for the project. This grew to $30,000 when Peter Gardiakos “donated” his birthday in 2013 by asking guests to donate to UCF for Joyland instead of giving gifts.

Read more about how Joyland progressed by clicking the link below, or get on board with our new Partner Project for Books In Homes Australia.


Joyland Orphanage – the eggery

Joyland kids with Pastor Rick
Pastor Rick, Mam Suzet and the kids of Joyland Orphanage in December 2012

Helping to create self-sustainability for Joyland Orphanage.

Read more… about this successful UCF Partner Project though it is now closed to new UCF Partners because the Joyland Eggery Project came to a successful conclusion in May 2014.




Books In Homes Australia

Thank you from Room 8
Thank you banner given to UCF Board members at Elizabeth Vale Book Giving assembly on 2 December 2014

Following the success of the UCF Partner Project eggery at Joyland Orphanage in the Philippines, UCF wanted to find another project which would have as great an impact for children and last their whole life.

Read more… about this project and how to become a UCF Project Partner