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Prepare, Produce, Provide (W.A.)

24 October 2019 UCF Comments Off

5000 Meals
Prepare Produce Provide (PPP) is the trading name for the not-for profit organisation Live To Tell Your Story Inc. established in 2013 by like-minded and passionate home economics teachers in Western Australia with a vision for training and assisting young people to develop career pathways in the education, food and hospitality industries.

Over the last few years the organisation expanded its membership and developed innovative and effective projects that bring together teachers, chefs and other food industry stakeholders to impart skills to young people to prepare and cook nutritious and quality meals benefiting a wide range of social and community causes.

Projects such as 5000 Meals (preparing meals for the homeless), Smartfish School Education Project (using sustainable seafood) and the Kambarang Food Festival (supporting Indigenous youth leaders) have been successfully run though schools and community locations in Western Australia.

5000 Meals is a programme aimed at empowering young people to actively engage in their community through food. The programme provides a pathway for school students to undertake volunteering allowing them to experience the positive emotional reward of service to others.

Students participating in the programme will learn how to prepare healthy meals from food surplus to be delivered to those experiencing homelessness in Perth and additionally, provide meals to students within the school whose families are experiencing financial hardship. The programme is collaboration between Prepare Produce Provide, schools and the food rescue agencies Secondbite, Foodbank and Oz Harvest.

UCF received an application fora grant of $2,000 to enable two schools and 25 students to participate in the programme over 10 weeks.

The 5000 Meals programme is delivered to the students in the metropolitan area through the 5000 Meals Co-ordinator, professional chefs, local government officials and their teachers.

The programme covers the following topics:

  1. Youth Volunteering global citizen. UN Sustainable goals
  2. Food Security and Food Waste
  3. Bulk Cookery
    Up to 50-200 meals per session will be made by the students to be distributed to the homeless via a food distribution agency Secondbite and Foodbank.
  4. Food Hygiene
  5. Packaging and Labelling

Throughout their programmes to date, PPP have reached over 1000 students in 50 schools and delivered over 20,000 meals for homeless and disadvantaged West Australians in need.

UCF directors were pleased to approve this application to continue the spreading and involving students in this programme.