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14 December 2017 UCF Comments Off

Village Vision 2018
The work of Symbiosis in Bangladesh is carried out under the overall management and oversight of Symbiosis International, an NGO registered in Australia and based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Village Vision 2018 will be conducted as part of Symbiosis Primary Eye Care Service (SPECS), the aim of which is: Supporting sustainable development by reducing low vision and blindness with a focus on primary eye care, eye health education and training of skilled eye care personnel.

UCF has made two previous grants (with pictures) to Symbiosis International and their last acquittal reported that in the 2017 Village Vision project, an additional 16 patients were found to be blind due to cataracts (over and above the 20 anticipated). Due to Symbiosis’ good relationship with the Bangladesh National Society for the Blind (BNSB), the eye hospital agreed to provide surgery and cover the costs of the additional patients from its own budget.

The project objectives of Village Vision 2018 are to-

  1. facilitate improved quality of life and development participation for the poor by providing primary eye care and treating blindness caused by cataracts and;
  2. strengthen Symbiosis’ grassroots development work by building trust through demonstrating practical care and concern

Symbiosis will arrange for SPECS staff and ophthalmologists from the Bangladesh National Society for the Blind (BNSB) to visit the area to provide vision screening to around 200 patients.

Approximately 20 patients with the greatest need for cataract surgery will be identified and arrangements made for them to receive surgery at the BNSB eye hospital in Mymensingh. Transport and post-operative care for patients are provided as part of the project.

The total cost to restore sight is equivalent to just $100 AUD per person.

Given their excellent track record, UCF directors were pleased to approve a further grant of $2,000 AUD to enable Symbiosis to continue this important work.