26 May 2014 UCF Comments Off

Smarter About Drugs
“Smarter about Drugs” comprises a workshop on this topic for young people, followed by a panel discussion for parents, teachers and young people, with live streaming of questions from around Australia.

The workshop and the evening discussion will be filmed as a discussion starter for later use in schools, youth groups and communities.

The aim of the workshop is to offer young people an opportunity to consider drug policy and their own experiences alongside a panel of leading thinkers in this field, including former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Palmer AO APM, Dr Alex Wodak AM, world expert on illicit drug policy and treatment, and Matt Noffs of the Ted Noffs Foundation.

Australia21 is a  not for profit research company which specialises in addressing  some of the difficult issues facing Australia.  Their approach is guided by the evidence and Australia21 are not  aligned with any political party.  The Board comprises leading thinkers from a range of disciplines with diverse executive leadership experience in the public and private sectors.

Australia21 sought a small grant of $2,000 to assist in producing a report and a high quality film of the afternoon workshop and the evening interactive panel discussion along with expert commentary to be used as a discussion starter on illicit drugs policy by schools, youth groups and parents’ groups across Australia.

The organisation will ensure the film is shown in over 80 schools and youth organisations in South Australia.

The UCF Board approved a grant of $2,000.