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What is corporate social responsibility and why it is important.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on self regulatory business models practiced by small to large companies. The conception of CSR enables businesses to be socially accountable to the public and their stakeholders.

By adopting CSR strategies, companies can accept the responsibility for their impact on society. This includes social, economical and environmental aspects.

It is included in philanthropic gestures towards charitable forces. 

CSR has the power to improve business performance collectively. This will be a good investment in the future.

The benefits of corporate social responsibility enables society to :

  • Create innovation
  • Brand differentiate
  • Create greater employee engagement and retention.
  • Focus on customer engagement.
  • Savings and investment.
  • Also becoming a guardian of the environment.

Determining the purpose of corporate social responsibility strategy

To create and determine the purpose of a CSR strategy. Firstly, the organization has to be aligned with the organization’s values and personal values. This may include : 

  • Providing education.
  • Equality.
  • Tackling climate change.
  • Eliminating poverty
  • Improving health.
  • Provide community support.

Involve customers and the team to create processes

To get the team involved, the considerations of having team meeting to discuss action plans and first ideas, create new team from bottom up and top down strategies, consider running internal polls.

This also includes involving customers to run social media campaigns and decide by voting for which businesses they will support through various media platforms.

Drafting out plans

What are the drafting plans and processes to be considered. 

Starting small and working all the way up

When starting a new project, big goal has to be identified and through what is lacking in resources to follow through.  Giving and volunteering will enrich people’s lives along with the organization, and not burden any of the employees.

Every action counts, disregard less  of the size and as long as the engagement is genuine and consistent.