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9 March 2021 UCF Comments Off

http://humanandhope.orgHuman and Hope is a registered Australian charity that was founded in 2013. We at Human and Hope want to see a world where communities experiencing poverty are empowered and developed through locally driven initiatives. We raise funds to support a locally run community centre (HHA) in Cambodia, enabling them to run their own poverty-alleviating projects with their local expertise.

The Home Food Garden Project builds self-sufficient communities by supporting Cambodian families living in poverty to achieve food security. Our vision is to deliver the Home Food Garden Project to 500 families across five communes in rural Siem Reap, by
2022. To date, we have secured funding for 168 families to access the project in Commune #1, Sambour Commune, and our goal is to place 32 additional families through the program by the end of December 2020. We are seeking funding from UCF to place an additional 14 families through the program. The project will be delivered through two days of training by HHA’s Project Coordinators. Participants will learn how to use natural resources to grow vegetables, choosing the right vegetables for their land and how to make their own fertiliser. They will be provided with seeds and recycled materials to establish their own food gardens
and receive two months of support. The project will ensure 14 families who are experiencing food insecurity are able to produce a sustainable source of food

The funding provided will be used to cover the costs of :
– the hands-on training/mentoring sessions to build capacity and self-sufficient communities;
– seeds, fertiliser and resources, to grow food using their existing land;
– recycled containers and wood to build vegetable beds for families to grow their food on limited land. To ensure commitment and accountability, the families who are selected will sign an agreement initial training, the Project Coordinators will continue to mentor the families for two months, to increase their confidence in maintaining their gardens and increase their chances of success in establishing sustainable, long-term food security.
All resources will be purchased from small businesses in the community, injecting much needed funds into their hard-hit economy. 

The goal of the Home Food Garden Project is to support 14 of the families impacted economically by COVID-19 in Sambour Commune to produce their own food.
The expected short-term outcomes of the project are:
1. 14 families or 70 people minimum will complete the Home Food Garden Project course, undertaking two days of initial training
2. 100% of participants increase their knowledge about basic chemical-free farming
3. 100% of participants have access to the required resource to establish their home gardens
4. 14 families have improved their nutrition and wellbeing
The expected long-term outcomes of the project are: 

1. The alleviation of food insecurity for 14 families 

2. Improved nutrition, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of children under five years old who are stunted 

3. Other families will be inspired to replicate the Home Food Garden, positively impacting nutrition of the wider community 

4. Families with surplus produce can sell their chemical-free vegetables to other families, generating an income 

Out of these 14 families: ● 88% of those families have had at least one family member who lost their job as a result of the downturn of the tourism industry; ● 67% of the families are in debt, with regular repayments required; ● 27% of the families have to pay regular medical bills. Bronh is one person who has been helped through the Home Food Garden Project trial. He lost his leg when he was young after stepping on a landmine. His wife was crippled after being given an incorrect injection at a local hospital. Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, they both lost their jobs as a builder and silk weaver. Bronh’s family received a food package from HHA to ensure he, his wife and their five-year old daughter had enough food to last them for a few weeks. Bronh was eager to participate in HHA’s Home Food Garden Project trial, so he could establish food security for his family. With support from HHA, Bronh is now growing eggplant, long beans, morning glory, cauliflower and bok choy. He is able to supplement his food package with fresh, nutritious vegetables that he grows using the chemical-free techniques. Bronh is growing extra vegetables to sell to his neighbours so he can earn an income, and also searches for ripe palm fruit to sell. “I am less worried about my family’s future because of my ability to grow my own food,” – Bronh.

Refer to: humanandhope.org for Universal Charitable Fund contribution