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Mahboba’s Promise (Afghanistan)

25 November 2015 UCF Comments Off

Hope Begins With Water
Water is a scarce resource in Afghanistan. Often there isn’t any plumbing system to ensure a reliable supply of water. Every house and every building has to find their own water source, often this entails digging a well, often it entails children walking long distances and then carrying the heavy loads back home.

The project is to build a much needed water well for the new centre that Mahboba’s Promise has recently opened up. They had to move 22 of the older orphan boys out of the original Hope House orphanage because of the Department of Orphanages law that dictates that boys and girls who are over 18 years of age cannot live in the same premises as younger children. The objective of the project is to provide water for this new orphanage, a vital resource that they are having a lot of trouble accessing.

Mahboba’s Promise was born in 1998 when its founder received a letter from a doctor in a refugee camp in Pakistan. Mahboba Rawi immediately then got to work and raised money for the orphans and widows on the ground. The organization was formed in Sydney and soon moved its headquarter out of the garage of its founder to a small office in North Ryde. In the beginning the focus of the work was relief. But very soon the focus shifted to sustainable development and building futures for orphans and widows who are the two most afflicted and hopeless groups of people in Afghanistan. The grand purpose and vision of the organization is to help the women and children of Afghanistan through sustainable development means.

The vital outcome of the “Hope Begins With Water” project is to render the new centre sustainable and functional by meeting the most basic and elementary needs of the 22 boys. The water source will be used for drinking, showers, cleaning, washing and gardening. The boys would be thus spared from the time-consuming toil of dragging bucketfuls of water from a block away. These boys are already very busy with both schooling and working, they would be very happy to use to the saved up time and effort to focus on their studies. Indeed time itself is a vital resource that this water well will provide for the boys.

Mahboba’s Promise requested $2,000 AUD to hire a professional well engineer to dig and design the well. The task is arduous and demands expertise and then dozens of hours spent on digging and engineering the well.

The UCF Board were pleased to approve a grant of $2,000 AUD to fund the digging of this well.