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24 October 2019 UCF Comments Off

Diabetic Foot Wounds Treatment – Honiara, Solomon Islands
Motivation Australia (MA) is a not for profit, disability and development organisation working with local organisations in the Pacific Region, to enable people to be healthy, access assistive technology (such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, vision and hearing aids), and achieve full and equal inclusion.

UCF previously awarded a grant to Motivation Australia to improve children’s wheelchair services in Fiji in March 2018. MA work with Government and non-Government organisations in the Pacific to help build services that provide basic rehabilitation and provision of assistive technology for people with disabilities, people with disabling health conditions and those who are ageing.

Project goal: To improve diabetic foot wounds healing rate, and reduce the number of avoidable amputations at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands has the 11th highest diabetes prevalence in the world at 18.7%. High rates of diabetes come with high prevalence of diabetic foot disease, which in turn leads to amputation and/or death. Rising amputation rates in the Solomon Islands are increasing demand for medical, surgical, rehabilitation and prosthetic services, and an increase in the total cost of care for the Government and supporting donors.

Multi-disciplinary Diabetic Foot Clinics (DFCs) offering prevention and management of foot ulcers can reduce hospitalisation and amputation rates by 40-60%; and are more cost effective than hospitalisation or amputation.

MA applied for a grant of $2,000 to cover the training component of the Project which includes:
delivery of a five day course for at least 12 personnel in wound management including review of existing dressing techniques, introduction of off-loading, and strengthening record keeping.

MA are also accredited by the Australian Government under the Australian Non-Government Cooperation Programme (ANCP), which signifies a high degree of project capacity. Their ANCP accreditation also means that for every $1.00 raised from the Australian Public and spent on international development projects, the ANCP provide $5.00. A grant from UCF of $2,000 therefore realises $10,000 funding from the Australian Government.

Outcomes from the training phase include:

  • Ten nursing and two prosthetic / orthotic personnel trained by two professional, experienced volunteers (logistics managed by local staff and MA project officer) resulting in confidence, skills and consistency in wound dressing, off-loading, and patient education.
  • People with diabetic foot ulcers experiencing improved management, reduced number of dressing changes (freeing up time and transport costs), improved healing and less risk of amputation. Estimated to be at least 50 people within the first six months.
  • Through improved service forms and record keeping practices; access to disaggregated service data will enable: analysis of who is accessing the service; monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the diabetic foot clinic; reporting to NRH, MHMS and donors; and information to guide next steps.
  • Increased awareness, and implementation of multi-disciplinary diabetic foot wound management.

UCF directors were pleased to approve the application and awarded a grant of $2,000. We wish Motivation Australia continued success in its work with the Pacific region communities.

Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) recipient for 2019
Motivation Australia Founder and CEO, Kylie Mines, was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for her service to people with disabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.