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Riding for the Disabled Australia (Viewbank, Vic)

22 August 2019 UCF Comments Off

New refrigerator
Riding for the Disabled (RDA) has 38 centres in Victoria and Riding for the Disabled Viewbank (RDA Viewbank) is one of those centres.

They conduct horse riding lessons for people with disabilities (mainly children) which provides physical, intellectual and social stimulation. Coaches, together with volunteers run the centre and are responsible for tasks such as property maintenance, hay slashing and fencing together with the care and well-being of horses and ponies. RDA is totally self-funded and reliant upon fees from riding lessons and small community donations.

 RDA Viewbank applied to UCF for a small grant to replace their old and ailing refrigerator.

Due to the physical nature of riding, and particularly riders with disabilities, it is important to provide adequate hydration. The fridge allows the organisation to provide cold drinks and icy-poles to their riders and volunteers, particularly during hot weather.

RDA Viewbank currently have 25 riders and 57 volunteers that will benefit from a new fridge. Since the monthly Committee meetings are also held in the shed where the fridge will be housed, a cold drink is really welcomed particularly in summer .

The fridge is also required to correctly store medications for some of the older horses.

RDA Viewbank have 9 horses currently in their programme and also 5 agisted horses on the property. Some of these horses require medications which need to be kept refrigerated.

The directors of UCF were pleased to award a grant of $1,500 to replace the old refrigerator and trust it will make the coming summer months a little more enjoyable for all concerned.