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Technical Aid to the Disabled (TADSA)

20 June 2013 UCF Comments Off

e-Reader Loan Program Adelaide
Technical Aid to the Disabled SA Inc. offers a unique service, providing one-off solutions to help people with disabilities. Their dedicated band of technical volunteers design, make or modify equipment not readily available, to suit individual needs.

The organisation consists of a group of approximately 50 volunteers with a wide range of technical skills and 3 part-time paid staff.

TADSA has one major objective: to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. To achieve this objective, TADSA uses the skills and energy of its technical volunteers to construct many types of custom designed equipment for clients. Design and construction of some solutions can take up to 600 hours!

TADSA can also offer specialised technical advice and information to people with disabilities and those who care for them. In short, TADSA exists to apply innovative technology so that the lives of people with disabilities may be significantly improved.

Technical Aid To The Disabled SA Inc. applied for grant to purchase three Kindles (with up to three USB chargers and suitable adaptive switches) and three devices called Page Bots.

This will enable TADSA to expand their loan pool of e-reader systems for people with disabilities.

Each e-reader will have a library of books already uploaded and which will be varied depending on the interests of the clients. After the initial loan period, the client can then decide if they wish to purchase their own e-reader which TADSA will modify as required.

UCF were pleased to approve a $2,000 grant to purchase the Kindles, page bots and associated chargers and switches, to enable TADSA to expand their e-reader services.