Apply for a UCF small grant

If you are a small, tax deductible, not-for-profit agency doing a terrific job in helping those in need here in Australia or overseas, then it is really easy to apply for a small grant from Universal Charitable Fund (UCF).

Grants are typically up to $2,000 AUD in value and all that is required for you to apply is to download and complete the application form (below) and send it to us by post or email (preferred). The UCF Directors meet on a regular basis to consider applications.

We are delighted you have found us and look forward to receiving your application!

So that you are clear about the requirements, we have listed some information below that you should be aware of before filling in the Grant Application.

GRANT GUIDELINES – Please read the following CAREFULLY before you apply for a grant
Universal Charitable Fund (UCF) is a non-profit Public Ancillary Fund (DGR2) and as such is constrained by law to distribute grants to Australian registered charitable organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient status (known as DGR1) and tax deductibility.

What this means to you:

  • We cannot make grants to individuals (even if you are raising money for a good cause)
  • Applications must be from the organisation to which the grant will be awarded
  • The applying organisation MUST be registered with the ACNC
  • We do not make donations to general funds. We do not fund printing, advocacy, start-ups, welfare or marketing
  • The applying organisation MUST have Deductible Gift Recipient status, commonly known as DGR1 and tax deductibility
  • Typically, the organisations we award grants have an income of less than $1 million
  • DGR status is not the same as having Income Tax Exemption. If you are in any doubt please enter your organisation’s ABN at – at the bottom of the information will be stated whether or not your organisation has DGR status
  • We check your ABN record, ACNC record and website
  • If you are in any doubt about your application, email or ring for clarification before you fill in the application

Australian applicants only – funds may be expended on overseas projects if your organisation has an Australian registered office, or already has an auspice arrangement (project account) with an Australian organisation (such as RAWCS, GDG or ACC International Relief). If in doubt please phone or email us as to whether an application might be considered by UCF.

***** UCF does NOT accept overseas applications. *****


  •  Be succinct. Make it easy for the Directors to read your application and make a decision.
  •  Your text should be single spaced 10 pt (Word) and Normal text not Bold.
  •  Please fill in the first page as it is (no reformatting). While Questions 3 and 4 are evenly spaced on the blank document, they may cover pages 2 and 3 in whatever proportion is appropriate for your answers.
  • PLEASE DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES IN TOTAL. We realise you might feel this is brief but if you focus on addressing each question clearly and succinctly it will be fine.
  • Please read the Assessment Guidelines below to inform your application.
  • Do not provide a “shopping list” of all your needs, focus on something that will make a difference if your application is approved.
  • Applications close at 5 pm on the last Friday of each month.
  • Please also send a copy of your organisation’s latest audited financials.

This section is intended to guide you when providing your answers in the Grant Application – you are not required to answer these specific questions. UCF is interested in what “reach” a grant to your organisation will provide. In other words, longevity and “ripple effect”. The Directors will evaluate your application against the following criteria :

o Will the funds provided make a significant difference for those the project is designed to assist? How?
o How many people will be assisted?
o Are there objective measures of impact? What are they?
o How will the applicant know that the project has been successful?

o Is the applicant a small charity or is it a programme within a larger charity?
o Does the programme receive government funding?
o Does the organisation receive government funding?

Key Interest Areas (not in any order)
o Education
o Health
o Building self-sufficient communities (sustainable)
o Children and youth

That’s it – Good luck!

Please email your application (preferred) to Vicki Keast at

email UCF

(Please note this is a graphic to avoid spammers)


Or post to:
Ms Vicki Keast
Executive Officer
Universal Charitable Fund Pty Ltd
2/108 Rundle Street
Kent Town SA 5067

If you have any queries please contact Vicki by email or on 0404 211 330 before doing your application.

Australian applicants  UCF grant application form  (click to download Word document)