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9 March 2021 UCF Comments Off

Project Yumi Inc. is an Australian registered charity and a Papua New Guinean registered not-for-profit organisation. We are an incorporated association in both countries. Our mission is to build effective partnerships with local communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to enhance the quality of education and health care. We provide valuable educational and health resources, including school furniture and supplies and medical equipment, and implement initiatives that enhance the lives of Papua New Guineans. We have interdependent relationships with schools, healthcare facilities, and local communities in Australia (majority are Queensland based); we benefit from their generosity through donations and they have a positive environmental impact by redirecting their superseded or surplus resources from landfill to in-need PNG recipients.
Project Yumi was established in Brisbane in late 2015 by Renee Mero, a qualified Australian teacher. Renee is married to a PNG national and has seen first-hand the educational and health inequalities while both living in and visiting PNG. Project Yumi now has eight Management Committee members and over 150 volunteers signed up to our volunteer program. Project Yumi does not receive government funding and relies on volunteers in Australia and PNG to fundraise and deliver four key initiatives — Project Skul (the focus of this funding application), Bush Dokta, Project Wok, and Pass it on Project. Since Project Yumi’s inception in 2015, we have grown to now provide services to up to 5000 PNG residents annually. Project Yumi has distributed donations to over 50 organisations in 12 of
PNG’s 22 provinces, and our team aims to distribute many more resources around the country. 

Refer to: : www.projectyumi.org for Universal Charitable Fund contribution