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Accelerated Evolution – The Break inc

9 March 2021 UCF Comments Off

The Break began in February 2018 in St Kilda East in Melbourne. We specialise in social connection for those whose issue/s often leave them socially disconnected (e.g., addiction recovery, mental health issues, sole parenting, ageing, and loneliness). Social connection is our focus as it is often a precursor to many problems and is an issue that exacerbates many of the aforementioned issues. We pride ourselves on staying across the latest research to create innovative interventions which are better than current local standard best practice. To this end we support people across the lifecycle (i.e., adolescents to the elderly) with multiple cutting-edge programs.

Project title: 

Commencing the Hero’s Journey


 To provide world best practice addiction recovery services to adolescents and adults exiting addiction, especially those who have proved treatment resistant to standard 12 Step treatment programs (i.e., 95% of people).


  • To use social kayaking to develop prosocial healthy hobbies which interact with others.

  • To develop a positive future focused mindset rather than a fear-based past mindset with which to pursue future goals.

  • To make connections to other people not in addiction recovery to avoid the risk-filled scenario of associating with people who speak of drug use or addiction recovery constantly


Currently in Australia 99% of funding for substance abuse addiction recovery is allocated to organisations embracing 12 Step program methodology (i.e., AA/NA – Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous). Twelve step programs require people to submit to a higher power (step 2, 3, 7 & 11), which is problematic if they are not religious. Furthermore, 12 step programs require in step 12 to recruit others to the 12 Step program, which is problematic for those focused on their own recovery and not seeking to become advocates of the program. AA and NA meetings typically involve rehashing stories of the worst moments of their life, only with other addicts, week after week, in a community centre, church or office environment. It is depressing and often cited as a reason for relapses. It also impresses on people they are addicts for life, no matter for how long they are sober. Professor Stanton Peele cites from his research the 12 Step program model has just 5% of people still sober 1 year from commencement.

In contrast, we seek funding to continue our non-12 Step program based on the Phoenix Multisport program, which boasts a 75% sobriety rate at 1 year follow up. We do not focus only on the future creating a better life, and meet in public. We meet them in the community in which they live and help them reforge healthy connections to others and relearn coping skills where they need to employ them. We do not only offer this to those in addiction recovery, so people in addiction recovery can reconnect to non-addicted people, and not just find themselves talking about addiction and recovery with other addicts. We focus on people bonding over prosocial proactive hobbies like kayaking. In fact, it’s a rule on our activities that no one can ask anyone else why they are attending, so everyone is forced to connect as people not diagnoses/afflictions. 

To run this program we need kayak guides, to provide food, to provide kayaks/equipment and fuel to get to sites. Most of the clientele are financially impoverished after inpatient rehabilitation or protracted addiction. Hence, we offer our service for free to assist them to have accessible support. Kayaking operates as a great metaphor for life

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