African Youth Alliance Common Initiative Group

African Youth Alliance Common Initiative Group is a 100% female, volunteer-run and youth-led organisation created in 2001 to support marginalised young women and girls gain basic literacy and social entrepreneurship skills, employment as well as improve the quality of their health and their family lives.

Establishing a grassroots network of 23 women to be Menstrual Hygiene and SRHR champions in4 rural communities of North West Cameroon. A grassroots network of 23 women will be established, trained and provide constant information on menstrual hygiene and family planning, to avoid early and unwanted pregnancies that have increased in the rural communities due to the crisis.

The directors of Universal Charitable funds are pleased to support the African Youth Alliance Common Initiative Group with this project


Bright Futures

Bright Futures charity is committed to providing a simple, direct and effective means for Australians to contribute to the sustainable alleviation of poverty in developing countries. Bright Futures works in partnership with established agencies in developing countries – India, Uganda, Pakistan and Kenya – to provide vital education, health and development programs that address the causes of poverty and offer the prospect of a better life.

A $2,000 grant enables a significant improvement in living conditions to be made for up to 50 households, through an average expenditure of $40 per household on protective materials (eg tarpaulins, plastics, metal sheeting) to improve the capacity of the dwellings to hold out the elements, rains in particular. The aim of this project is to ensure those assisted will survive both the lock downs and coronavirus and be in a position to recover and once again to earn income to support their families.

The Directors of Universal Charitable Funds were pleased to provide this $2000 donation


Life Changing Experiences

Life changing experiences offers youth support and education programs for young girls who have experienced trauma and abuse or come from particularly disadvantaged low socio-economic circumstances.

Universal Charitable Funds made a donation purchase the purchase and development of sensory resources in support of the No Limits 4 Girls program which has been designed to engage at-risk or disadvantaged girls aged between 12-18, through nine month one-on-one mentoring program and of 4 workshops delivered to vulnerable girls in Year 7 at High School. 

Symbiosis International (Bangladesh)

Village Vision 2020
The Village Vision 2020 project will be conducted as part of the Symbiosis Primary Eye Care Service (SPECS) project, the aim of which is: Supporting sustainable development by reducing low vision and blindness with a focus on primary eye care, eye health education and training of skilled eye care personnel.

UCF is proud to report this is the fifth year Symbiosis have successfully applied for a small grant to support their provision of eye care,  specifically eye cataract surgery, in Bangladesh.

Project Objectives:

  1. Facilitate improved quality of life and development participation for the poor by providing primary eye care and treating blindness caused by cataracts
  2. Strengthen Symbiosis’ grassroots development work by building trust through demonstrating practical care and concern

Project Outcomes:

  1. Screening of patients: Symbiosis will conduct vision screening for around 200 people and will provide low cost eye care treatment as required
  2. Identifying cataract patients: Symbiosis will determine the 20 most needy patients from those identified as being blind due to bilateral cataracts
  3. Surgery provision: Symbiosis will arrange transport to and from Mymensingh and cataract surgery (utilising intra-ocular lenses) for 20 patients through the BNSB eye hospital
  4. Post-operative care and assistance: Symbiosis will provide post-operative care to the 20 patients to reduce the risk of complications

The directors of UCF  were pleased once again to contribute a grant of $2,000 to the Village Vision project for 2020 and congratulate Symbiosis International on the continuation of this important programme.



Cobra and Mongoose Charity Group (Rwanda)

Cobra and Mongoose supports people living in poverty to gain access to food, shelter health and education across Asia and Africa.

Cobra and Mongoose are currently building a childcare facility in Rwanda. They are working with a NGO in Rwanda – Rwanda Volcanoes Opportunity Association. This facility will provide childcare for 35 children who will also be supplied with meals during the 8 hrs per day in care.

Universal Charitable Funds made a donation towards the KINIGI-MUSANZE daycare facility in Rwanda to support the fit out and equipment purchases for the childcare facility which will allow it to open in early 2020. The childcare centre will enable the local women child-free time to be able to work in this potato growing area and break the cycle of poverty within this region and during the build help the community in employing local labourers.

UCF directors felt the “ripple effect” will be felt throughout the community, as it is anticipated the reach of this building will be the entire village – care of the children, enabling the mothers to work, helping break the family poverty cycle and providing a structure for other uses within the community.


Prepare, Produce, Provide (W.A.)

5000 Meals
Prepare Produce Provide (PPP) is the trading name for the not-for profit organisation Live To Tell Your Story Inc. established in 2013 by like-minded and passionate home economics teachers in Western Australia with a vision for training and assisting young people to develop career pathways in the education, food and hospitality industries.

Over the last few years the organisation expanded its membership and developed innovative and effective projects that bring together teachers, chefs and other food industry stakeholders to impart skills to young people to prepare and cook nutritious and quality meals benefiting a wide range of social and community causes.

Motivation Australia

Diabetic Foot Wounds Treatment – Honiara, Solomon Islands
Motivation Australia (MA) is a not for profit, disability and development organisation working with local organisations in the Pacific Region, to enable people to be healthy, access assistive technology (such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, vision and hearing aids), and achieve full and equal inclusion.

UCF previously awarded a grant to Motivation Australia to improve children’s wheelchair services in Fiji in March 2018.

HUG Charity Foundation Inc. (Uganda)

Sewing and Knitting Programme Expansion
HUG Charity Foundation (HCF) is an Australian based not for profit organization that focuses on establishing sustainable partnerships between two different cultures and has been working side by side with communities surrounding Lubanda Village, in south western Uganda since 2008.

HCF currently have a very successful tailoring and knitting programme as part of the vocational studies at the Suubi Secondary School in Uganda. This programme  began in 2015, when the school first opened, with 2 sewing machines shared by 12 tailoring students and 1 knitting machine shared by 9 knitting students during that first year.

Knitting and tailoring students have been taught to make skirts, trousers, shirts and sweaters as part of these vocational classes. Among other practical, hands on learning initiatives, this also enables the students to produce the school uniforms for the following intake of students at Suubi SS.


Assist with Responsive Website Costs
SPELD NSW provides support to children and adults with specific learning difficulties (like dyslexia) and who struggle to learn to read, spell, write and learn mathematics across NSW. As part of that, they support their families, teachers, tutors and schools.

SPELD NSW provide a free parent information and referral service, offer professional develop for teachers, provide information, support and resources for families, teachers and schools and offer psychological assessment of specific learning difficulties.

SPELD NSW applied to UCF for a grant to assist them to build a new mobile responsive website will help to amplify their impact and support children with learning difficulties who are at risk of school failure. Their current website is very dated, not sufficiently user friendly and has frequent technological issues.