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Raise A Hand To
Make A Difference

What Can You Do To Making A Change And How Can You Make A Difference.

Raise A Hand To
Make a Difference

What Can You Do To Making A Change And How Can You Make A Difference.


Your Support is Really

Universal Charitable Fund was established in 2010 when a group of successful Adelaide business people decided they wanted to pay it forward”

Their vision was to create an organisation which pay it forward grants to charities, both in Australia and overseas, who make a difference ensuring people in need access the services and resources they require.

Ten years later, Universal Charitable Fund has grown and made a difference to many local communities  by providing grants for community projects that support the poor and disadvantaged.

What is our goal?

It is our goal to be providing 100 grants per year to local Australian charities who help people in need in Australia and overseas.

We want our contribution to inspire others to join us in making a difference by supporting people in need and building a better future for all. This is our belief.  This is our commitment. This is why we exist.

At UCF we’re different – our grant application can be completed in just an hour or two and applications are assessed quarterly.

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Connecting individuals together

Our Causes

Donate To People In Need
Our Causes.​

Goal - $3,000
Raised Over - $1,200

Environment, youth & children

Sponsor for food, medicine and pure water.

Goal - $4,000
Raised Over - $910.00
Goal - $750
Raised Over - $2,000


Focusing on global grants and change


Working towards contributions


Aiming for running projects


Projects and grants contributed


We Do It To Make A Change

Youth and children

Our future generation relies on us

Healthy Food

Health and well being is important for growth and development

Pure Water

Collaborating with businesses and organisations to provide access to clean pure water

Medical Facilities

Providing medical and health support for individuals in need


Education is the foundation to creating community involvement


Environmental sustainability is fundamental to creating a developed infrastructure

Universal Charitable Fund

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and the emergency care.

Our Team

Board Members

Stan Kontos
Universal Charitable Fund
Peter Gardiakos
Universal Charitable Fund
Fareed Heidari
Universal Charitable Fund
Trevi Lim
Universal Charitable Fund
Kate Fox
Universal Charitable Fund
Chris Kats
Universal Charitable Fund


Communities around the world
need your help.

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Donate to UCF

Universal Charitable Fund aims to create sustainable growth within health, education, environment, youth and children. The very foundation of our environment places a significant impact on our future generation and our homes. The cyclical effects caused by climate change has shaken our communities and environmental layout. With education, our future generation will prosper and grow through relief and cooperation. 
Your donation will make a difference to the lives of others in our community, and when you donate to Universal Charitable Fund you can be confident that 100% of your donation goes to the help those in need rather than covering costs of the charity.  To ensure you know exactly how your donation helped we will send you a quarterly newsletter sharing with you the impact made within our communities.

The UCF approach is on “keeping it simple” and any amount, large or small, will help us make a difference.