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9 March 2021 UCF Comments Off

The Childhood Cancer Association (CCA), South Australia’s key childhood cancer support organisation, established in 1982 in Adelaide by a group of parents of children with cancer, in consultation with well-known Paediatric Oncologist, Dr Michael Rice AM. Childhood Cancer Association is a self-funded not for profit organisation. We receive no government
funding. CCA is based in South Australia, and supports South Australian children (aged 0-18 years), and their families, as well as families from the Northern Territory and country Victoria and New South Wales, who travel to Adelaide to receive treatment for their child.
Services are delivered by registered Psychologists and are free of charge for every family. Our support is tailored – to meet the individual needs of each family; ongoing – from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond (i.e. survivorship and bereavement); for the entire family – the child with cancer, siblings, parents, grandparents and extended family. Key services and support include:, counselling for the whole family, sibling support, education support, accommodation for country families, respite accommodation for all families, oncology massage therapy, bereavement support, child-minding services, daily hospital visits, wheelchair loans, financial assistance and family support packs. We currently have over 30 services available to support children with cancer and their families. 

At present, the Childhood Cancer Association is supporting more than 400 families affected by Childhood Cancer. The Childhood Cancer Association receive referrals for families from the Social Workers at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital and the Youth Cancer Service.
Upon receipt of this referral, the Childhood Cancer Association Counsellors meet with the family to introduce the services available to them. At this time, each family is given a Family Support Pack. The pack contains practical items of support to assist in making the childhood cancer experience easier, and to help with the numerous hospital stays and appointments that are ahead for the family. Upon receiving this pack, families are overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and assistance provided by the pack. 

Currently, items within the Family Support pack include:
-Strong tote bag
Toiletry bag (packed and ready to go for the unexpected hospital stays)
o Gender neutral deodorant
o Shampoo and conditioner (travel size)
o Toothbrushes and toothpaste for children and adults
o Travel pack of tissues
o Hand sanitizer (travel size)
o Hand cream (travel size)
o Paw Paw lip balm
-Digital Thermometer (families are required to have an accurate thermometer because if a child gets a temperature they are required to go to hospital immediately)
– Compendium, diary & pen (to keep track of the numerous hospital appointments, blood test
results, etc.) 

-Age appropriate game for in hospital (e.g. Uno, Barrel of Monkeys).

-Gift cards for the unwell child and siblings (so they are able to purchase items which may assist in providing distractions whilst they are in the hospital environment)

-Entertainment vouchers for the Adelaide Zoo and the movies (so that families are able to enjoy some time out together and provide a distraction from cancer treatment. Families often find providing these types of experiences difficult due to the financial pressures placed upon them as a result of having to take extended time off work to care for their child or in some cases resign from their positions.)

-Elliot (CCA ambassador – soft toy dog). He provides a sense of comfort to the child whilst
undergoing medical treatment. Doctors & Nursing staff often use Elliot to demonstrate medical
procedures. The unwell child and siblings are also able to write to Elliot and Elliot will write back.
This can assist in both providing a much needed distraction, but also the opportunity to ask
questions about what they are experiencing, without directly asking an adult.

Refer to: https://childhoodcancer.asn.au/ for Universal Charitable Fund contribution