17 February 2017 UCF Comments Off

Smarter About Drugs – primary school programme
In May 2014, Australia21 applied for a small grant from UCF to help cover the post-production costs associated with producing a report and film of the first workshop.

Inspired by the film and discussion about the 2014 Young Australia21 ‘Smarter About Drugs’ youth workshop, the teachers at Cowandilla Primary School in Adelaide have developed a ‘Smarter About Drugs’ programme with 100 younger students. The aim is to equip school students earlier with information, language and knowledge to make better decisions for themselves, and support their friends to do the same, to live a healthy and happy life.

Australia21’s expertise is working with both the students and the teachers to document this follow up programme with the younger population.

Producing a film about the programme will allow for the tools and resources developed for it to be shared with other schools and youth groups in South Australia and nationally. The film will provide insight into the research, the teaching, and the contributions from the students. It could also be used to start discussion with parents, students, teachers and the community.

Australia21 applied for a $2,000 small grant to assist with the filming costs.

The directors of UCF were happy to approve the application as the film will provide a valuable resource for a unique drug education program for young people that has been developed in collaboration with experts in the field, teachers and students, as well as relevant research.