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17 October 2011 UCF Comments Off

Netzzz*-Work Malaria Protection Project
Bright Futures Child Aid & Development Fund Australia Inc. is an Australian based Christian aid and development agency working to provide education and development opportunities for children and communities in poverty in India, Pakistan and Uganda.

Bright Futures works with its overseas development partners in providing a wide range of programs relevant to local needs. These programs include schooling, health clinics, clean water projects, vocational training, self-help groups and much more.

The Directors of UCF approved a grant to enable Bright Futures to develop a Malaria Prevention Program in northern Uganda through the making and distribution of mosquito nets.

UCF funds will be used to purchase materials and equipment (netting, sewing machines, material, threads, cutting table) to establish the mosquito net making enterprise as a community enterprise in conjunction with the Di Cwinyi women’s self-help groups in Lukodi (Uganda).