Bright Futures

3 August 2020 UCF Comments Off

Bright Futures charity is committed to providing a simple, direct and effective means for Australians to contribute to the sustainable alleviation of poverty in developing countries. Bright Futures works in partnership with established agencies in developing countries India, Uganda, Pakistan and Kenya – to provide vital education, health and development programs that address the causes of poverty and offer the prospect of a better life.

A $2,000 grant enables a significant improvement in living conditions to be made for up to 50 households, through an average expenditure of $40 per household on protective materials (eg tarpaulins, plastics, metal sheeting) to improve the capacity of the dwellings to hold out the elements, rains in particular. The aim of this project is to ensure those assisted will survive both the lock downs and coronavirus and be in a position to recover and once again to earn income to support their families.

The Directors of Universal Charitable Funds were pleased to provide this $2000 donation