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Connecting Hands Training Cafe (Cambodia)

25 October 2018 UCF Comments Off

Connecting Hands Training Cafe – Traineeship (Cambodia)
Connecting Hands (2010) is an Australian based, independent not-for-profit charity reaching out to young victims of human trafficking and slavery in Cambodia.

Sustainable employment is often the only way to remove and support women who have suffered enslavement and violence and prevent the occurrence of further exploitation & slavery.

The Connecting Hands Training Cafe is designed for young women who have escaped lives of highly vulnerable backgrounds such as human trafficking, sexual slavery and domestic violence to gain life changing skills and qualifications within the hospitality industry.

Through the programme, every student who graduates is offered a full-time position either within the training cafe, where they can continue their learning while earning a generous and sustainable income, or if appropriate and the student is ready, Connecting Hands will assist them to find paid permanent employment outside the training cafe using their newly established skills.

Alongside training, students are offered great working conditions, English classes, access to medical treatment, safe accommodation & ongoing practical support to equip them to change their lives. Day care and schooling to is also provided to students with young children.

The training programme is free for all trainees. The costs of running the programme is subsidised through the cafe’s income and generous sponsorship from supporters.

Connecting Hands applied to UCF for a small grant of $2,000 to cover the cost of one traineeship to a young girl who has recently escaped from human trafficking or domestic violence.

The funds would pay full costs for her safe house accommodation, healthcare and education for an 18 month traineeship at the end of which she will have a certificate in either Commercial Cookery or Hospitality and Customer Service.

UCF directors were pleased to grant the full cost of $2,100 to enable one young woman to change her life.

We were subsequently pleased to receive a photo of Srey Lin who has been offered the UCF funded traineeship.

Srey Lin’s smile says it all!