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11 October 2013 UCF Comments Off

Dance Down performance troupe costumes
Founded in 1974, Down Syndrome SA (DSSA previously the Down Syndrome Society of South Australia) has for many years provided an holistic, comprehensive and seamless programme of education, life skills, advice and support, advocacy, activities and respite for people with Down syndrome and similar chromosomal disorders, and their parents and carers.

This project request related to the Dance Down performance troupe and was requesting a once off grant to contribute towards the cost of new costumes. DSSA have 25 young adults with Down Syndrome who weekly train and regularly perform at events.

This group of young talented performers perform every year at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rendezvous as well as the DSSA’s own Gala Dinner. They also have secured some additional performances this year at the Australian Association of Special Eduction (AASE) conference and have been approached by the Tri State Games committee about a performance. DSSA were looking to extend the number of performances per year, however their performers were in a dire need to update their costumes.

This programme provides each member with life long friendships, self confidence and teaches them how to work as a team. The joy on their faces as they perform is inspiring and the crowd interaction is simply uplifting. At their recent performance at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rendezvous comments were made to DSSA that we have only come to see the Down syndrome team, it is the highlight of the day.

UCF approved a grant of $2,000 which would provide 25 performers in their dance team with an $80 contribution (each) towards the cost of new costumes.