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19 December 2014 UCF Comments Off

New refrigerator
During a private trip to the Philippines, Board member Trevi Lim was able to spend a few days with Pastor Rick Sutcliffe and the kids at Joyland Orphanage.

Trevi reported that things were going well but they really needed a new refrigerator. Shortly after we also heard from Rick that they had a lightning strike on 19 October 2014. The lightning had struck a banana patch and travelled underground to the house, causing electrical damage. Fortunately no one was hurt and for that we are very grateful, though many of the children wereunderstandably frightened.

Since the funds from the UCF Partner Project for Joyland have been fully expended, we invited Rick to put in an application for a grant from UCF general funds for a new fridge and electrical repairs if necessary.

Pastor Rick informed us that the electrical repairs had been taken care of and that, after consideration, they could really use one larger fridge rather than the two smaller ones they had been using which were housed in two different buildings.

UCF were pleased to approve a grant for $1,500 for a new refrigerator for Joyland Orphanage.