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25 April 2013 UCF Comments Off

Clown Doctors – Adelaide
The Humour Foundation is a national charity founded in 1997 by a General Practitioner and professional performer, who saw an opportunity to bring the performing arts to the bedside of sick children in hospital.

The core program is Clown Doctors, bringing emotional healing, humour therapy and empowerment to sick children and their families in hospitals.

By lightening the serious side of the hospital through smiles and laughter, Clown Doctors aim to assist children in their emotional healing, treatment, recovery and empowerment. They also aim to improve the quality of life for sick children and promote positive mental health and coping during times of serious illness, injury, anxiety, fear, trauma and stressful situations.

The UCF grant of $2,000 will enable the delivery of 50 effective and highly interactive “Clown Rounds” throughout 2013/2014 by funding the resources Clown Doctors use and provide such as props, children’s mementos and giveaways, (red noses, bubble solution, balloons, smiles-on-sticks, stickers). These resources are used when interacting and engaging with sick children in hospital in sensitive and stressful situations, such as Emergency or Burns Units.