Time For Kids

12 May 2012 UCF Comments Off

Cooking Crew
Time for Kids provides respite care for children whose families are struggling with their care. Funding was sought for a children’s activity based around cooking.

The “Cooking Crew” matches mentors with at risk young people aged 10-17 years who live in disadvantaged households to undertake skill and opportunity building activities for one day each month. Many young people have limited life skills or experience of sound household cooking and nutrition or budgeting skills.

Time For Kids Cooking Crew sought a grant to assist with the cost of training and screening 5 mentors to ensure they are safe and suitable mentors for vulnerable young people. Training includes Child Safe Environments, Safer Mentoring and Senior First Aid.  This would result in five disadvantaged young people aged 10-17 years being matched with appropriate mentors for 12 x one day cooking workshops to learn independent cooking and living skills and to provide them with mentors who are ongoing and positive role models.

UCF approved a grant for $2,000.