​Pangea Educational Development

School sanitation facilities (Uganda)
Pangea Educational Development (PED) is a Chicago based 501(c)3 non­profit organization formed in 2011 which is committed to empowering schools and unifying communities through the development of sustainable projects at school sites in Uganda.

Suneden Special School

Junior School playground equipment
Suneden Special School was founded in 1943 and is the only independent, not-for-profit, non- denominational special school in South Australia. The school provides a caring and educationally stimulating environment for approximately 65 students aged 5 to 21 years with intellectual and multiple physical disabilities.

Genesis Pregnancy Support

School resource materials
Commencing in 1991, Genesis’ purpose is to provide support to girls or women experiencing an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy

This support is provided in the form of free pregnancy testing, counselling (telephone or face-to-face), material assistance

One Girl Australia

School Furnishings – Magbafth Primary School, Sierra Leone
The UCF grant will be used to help provide essential furnishings to the new school building at the Magbafth Primary School.

This will include tables, benches and blackboards.

The One Girl project aims to increase attendance at schools to create a ripple effect of educated girls with an increased capacity to earn which in turn benefits their family and community.

Suneden Special School

Sensory play space
Suneden Special School was founded in 1943 and is an independent, not-for-profit, non-denominational school that caters to approximately 60 students aged 5 to 21 years with intellectual and multiple disabilities. Approximately 70% of the students have Autism; other medical conditions the students experience include Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Global Developmental Delay.

Many of the students at Suneden Special School, particularly students with Autism, experience challenges processing sensory information and self-regulating their sensory and behavioural responses. Alternative learning and development settings are required to support their needs and to facilitate their engagement in curriculum and other activities.

Consequently, the school is creating a new outdoor sensory play space especially designed for the students and the first of its kind in South Australia.

Australia HOPE International

HOPE Schools Projects: 40 desks – East Africa
Australia HOPE International was begun in 2003 by Bill and Norma Osborne to help educate orphans and children in need.

Their application was for HOPE schools projects: three of the schools urgently needed desks which would be made by local carpenters and labourers in just one month once the funds were received and the wood purchased.

Forty desks will be made. Each desk can seat 3-5 children and will get them off the dirt floor and give the children something to write on as well as providing a better learning environment.

Bright Futures (India)

Hosur Bande Clinic (India)
Bright Futures Child Aid and Development Fund Australia, together with its local development partner the Bangalore City Mission (BCM), aims to improve health and educational outcomes for the adults who are quarry labourers in Hosur Bande (quarry) and their children

Friends of Ebenezer Australia Inc

Building Project
Part of the Ebenezer vision is to build a High School and Skills Training Centre on, or near, the site of the present school in Livingstone, Zambia.

The Friends of Ebenezer Australia Inc (FoEA) is a community-based group in Maleny, Queensland. It exists for the sole purpose of raising funds to support the Ebenezer Child Care Trust, which is