Possible Dreams International Inc (Swaziland)

Swazi Innovators for Change (micro enterprise)
Possible Dreams International (PDI) was founded by an Australian doctor, Dr Maithri Goonetilleke, in 2009, in order to honour the dignity of people in rural and remote Swaziland through a dual strategy of emergency relief aid and sustainable development projects. PDI partners with rural and remote communities in Swaziland, Africa to empower individuals living in an insidious cycle of poverty, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS.

Childhood Cancer Association Inc.

Family Support Pack items
Each year in South Australia an average of 60 children are newly diagnosed with cancer. The majority of families who have a child diagnosed with cancer, are referred immediately to the Childhood Cancer Association by the social workers at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

When the Childhood Cancer Association Counsellors subsequently meet with the family to explain the support and services available to them, each family is also given a Family Support Pack.


Smarter About Drugs – primary school programme
In May 2014, Australia21 applied for a small grant from UCF to help cover the post-production costs associated with producing a report and film of the first workshop.

Inspired by the film and discussion about the 2014 Young Australia21 ‘Smarter About Drugs’ youth workshop, the teachers at Cowandilla Primary School in Adelaide have

Puddle Jumpers Inc.

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Puddle Jumper’s is a non profit, non-government organisation in Forestville South Australia, committed to responding to the social development needs of society’s most vulnerable children and young people; the priority of their work is reserved for children who do not live with their birth parents.

Puddle Jumpers (PJ) provides opportunities and support for children and families at risk, through holidays and recreational activities designed to promote personal, social and cultural growth and development.