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26 May 2015 UCF Comments Off

School sanitation facilities (Uganda)
Pangea Educational Development (PED) is a Chicago based 501(c)3 non­profit organization formed in 2011 which is committed to empowering schools and unifying communities through the development of sustainable projects at school sites in Uganda. PED have worked for five years in Uganda to create successful projects in three schools and one remand home in several regions of the country.

One of the schools is Awach Secondary School, located in the Gulu District of northern Uganda. Awach was located at the epicenter of the armed conflict that plagued the region for over 20 years. The school admits both boys and girls, some of which were abducted and forced to fight as child soldiers. Despite these challenges, Awach is a flourishing learning community that succeeds academically and athletically in the district.

In 2014, PED partnered with World Aid Now and Awach Secondary School to open a dormitory that would house an additional 32 girls during the school year. Pangea Educational Development paid for the foundation, World Aid Now paid for the walls and the roof and the school paid for the matron and the counselling room.

UCF received an application from PED for $1,991 to complete the structure by adding the necessary sanitation facilities which includes three latrines and three washing areas. A detailed budget was supplied and the funds sought will be used for the material project construction costs as well as a small portion of the labor. The rest of the labor will be covered through volunteers, community member involvement as well as local fundraising if necessary. The dorm cannot be opened without these sanitation facilities.

With the help of UCF, the Awach School Dormitory will provide a safe living space for 32 girl students increasing girl student enrollment at Awach by 33%. The matron and counselling room will be able to provide services and support around the clock for the 32 girls at the new dormitory as well as the 70 other vulnerable girls that attend Awach Secondary School.

The UCF Board were sensitive to the fact that the new dormitory could not be opened without the sanitation facilities and, in a a rare move, approved a grant of $2,500 to cover the shortfall which would be incurred by the current exchange rate.