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Asbestos Diseases Society of South Australia (ADSSA)

16 May 2013 UCF Comments Off

Asbestos Awareness Training Adelaide
ADSSA was incorporated in 2005 to look after the needs of victims of Asbestos Related Diseases (ARDs). ADSSA employs a Social Worker on a part time basis to look after the needs of victims, their families, carers, relatives etc.

It has, in recent years, embarked on Asbestos Awareness Training to all people in South Australia conducting workshops in businesses, clubs, social groups and for home renovators.

In 2012 ADSSA commenced a unique program in Australia, possibly the world, where workshops are conducted in trade schools as a part of the doorways2construction project under the Construction Industry Training Board of SA. The courses are approved by State education authorities

A grant was sought for Asbestos Awareness training for students about to enter trades. The training will enable these students to be aware where they may find asbestos in their workplaces (even their homes) and once found, how to deal with the problems in a safe and secure manner.

Over 2000 students will be trained this year and in subsequent years a further 1200-1400 hundred students commence Trade Courses.

UCF approved a grant of $2,000 which will be used to provide training booklets for all students attending such courses.