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Aussie Books for Zim (Zimbabwe)

17 July 2019 UCF Comments Off

Rural School Library Setup
Aussie Books For Zim (ABZ) is an Australian registered charity with a vision of creating brighter futures through books. They collect new and gently used books mainly from Australia and ship them to Zimbabwe where they establish libraries in rural disadvantaged communities who previously had no access to books.

ABZ is all about sustainability and upcycling Ė turning one manís trash into another manís treasure! So far ABZ have shipped 90,000 books to set up over 40 libraries.

Close to half the number of primary school children do not transition to secondary school due to lack of education materials or poor results at grade seven school leaving results. Most of the children end up unemployed and become part of a vicious poverty cycle. 

The gift of literacy is a gift that keeps giving. Success in these libraries can come in the form of one child learning how to read. In a broader picture, success may be an increase in the number of children who transition to secondary school. On a much bigger scale, success may be a decrease in child marriages as children through books realise that there is a global village out there bigger than their village where the possibilities are endless.

UCF received an application from ABZ saying they had recently shipped a 40ft container with over 60,000 books and library shelving and were seeking a grant to help sort and transport the books to the beneficiaries (schools and communities) where they will hold library workshops and book donations.

For the project, ABZ will use 5 unemployed youth as volunteers to sort and transport books to the recipient communities/schools. The setting up of 5 libraries will directly impact about 1500 children who have never owned books or been in a library before. Since schools have a rolling enrolment system, more children will be impacted every year.

The UCF directors were pleased once again to support an organisation bringing the magic of books to communities and awarded a grant of $2,000.