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Bulogo Women’s Group (Uganda)

25 February 2016 UCF Comments Off

Entrepreneurship training
Bulogo Women’s Group (BWG) was started in 2005 by rural women of the Kamuli district to mobilize and empower women through enterprise, agriculture, health, human rights promotion and protection of the environment.

BWG wanted to expand their programme for entrepreneurship training to 300 women in the Kamuli district and applied to UCF for the funds to do so.

This business programme is aimed at “providing smart and savvy women living in extreme poverty with an entrepreneurial training that gives them the skills and confidence to transform their lives through the creation of a self-sustaining business”.

Each of these 300 women will graduate from the 4 months programme as an independent business owner.

Funds will be used for transportation, training facilitation, learning materials and followup mentoring visits.

Business coaches will provide 300 women with skills in business such as:

  • starting with what you have
  • value addition
  • markets
  • packaging
  • innovation and
  • saving, investment and record keeping

The 300 women participants will take part in this four months weekend training to gain skills to succeed as a business woman. Each of the women will start a small scale business and they will continue to receive mentoring and support from the business coaches to ensure success well into the future.

Bulogo Women’s Group applied to UCF for a $2,000 AUD grant to fund this training and the UCF Board were pleased to approve it.