In 2 Life

19 June 2013 UCF Comments Off

Training Online Support for Youth Suicide Intervention Adelaide
In 2 Life have been established since 2001 and have over twelve years experience in the youth sector. They have a strong track record in the creation and delivery of programs that support marginalised youth in Australia. Their staff and volunteers are very experienced in youth issues and the needs of youth today.

Tragically, youth suicide in Australia is alarmingly high. The Facebook group Coming Together to Prevent Youth Suicide was established in June 2012 by two young people in Melbourne after a series of 10 suicides across 3 schools in one region.

It quickly grew to become a place where 1000s of young people were searching for help, asking many questions, expressing deep grief and some communicating their own suicidal thoughts.

However, due to the size of the Facebook community (18,000+ members at this date), and the difficult issues being presented, In 2 Life was approached to take over management and moderation of the site.

In 2 Life are able to provide the level of expertise, professionalism and resources needed to support this much needed youth suicide prevention program to the community.

In2Life now provide 24/7 moderation for the online program and the UCF grant of $2,000 will be used to train more online community support workers in this vital work.