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17 October 2012 UCF Comments Off

Vision Assessment
Until now the paediatric optometrist at the RSB has used a black and white eye chart board (with pictures where an adult would read letters) to assess vision impaired children.

This project would utilise ToAD and Tadpole Assessment Kits (software) and an iPad which can measure a child’s functional vision or visual skills development. The assessments will provide the basis on which magnification can be prescribed by ophthalmologists working from the RSB’s clinic. The RSB personnel will utilise these Assessment Kits and iPad in ascertaining how children who are vision impaired can use their remaining functional vision.

The Kits provide tools, toys and puzzles that assist the educator as they perform assessments or activities.

The Directors of UCF approved a grant of $1,898 to the RSB to purchase an iPad with ToAD and Tadpole Assessment Kit software to ascertain how children who are sight impaired can use their remaining functional vision. The new Assessment Kit will also allow the optometrist to more easily conduct assessments in the child’s home when necessary.

Update 28 March 2014

As it turned out, RSB had to wait almost four months for the iPads and software to arrive from the US. This note was subsequently received from Judy Williams, Donor Liaison Officer:

These have been amazing purchases for us and have been so heavily used by the children and staff.  The assessment kits are so ‘child friendly’ that it was really worth the wait in terms of the very slow delivery for them.  iPads have really taken off too with children and in the last 6 months or so we conducted a workshop for iPads for children and teenagers.  It was a great success also. So a big thank you for a really successful project.