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20 October 2017 UCF Comments Off

SCKC Knox  Camp (Victoria)
Southern Cross Kids’ Camps has 13 camps operating each year in three states of Australia – NSW, Victoria and SA.

Thirty children will attend the SCKC Knox camp mentor programme: around 15 boys and 15 girls. The next Knox camp will be held in January 2018 and the children will be aged 7 to 11 years old (primary school age). The majority of children live and attend school in the City of Knox area.

The children who attend camp come from a background of abuse and neglect and are referred to the camps by welfare & foster organisations, school principals, social workers and chaplains.

The aim of SCKC Knox Camp is to provide a week of happy memories for children who have a traumatic background and each child who attends is paired with an adult volunteer on a 1:1 ratio – an adult buddy who is the child’s companion throughout the camp. All camp personnel are fully committed, experienced, trained and most importantly screened.

Many of the children attending camp lack good adult role models in their life and camp gives them an opportunity to bond with an adult who wants to spend time with them. Many of the children return every year to camp, counting down the days, weeks or months until the next one.

UCF received an application for a small grant to cover the hire of a bus to transport the children to and from the campsite. SCKC believe providing this bus transport is essential to the success of camp and the children’s wellbeing. As many of the children live with foster families, in kinship care or with families struggling with serious issues, without providing transport to the camp very few children would arrive at the campsite. Travelling together in the bus with volunteers also provides a great opportunity for group bonding and a chance for the volunteers to spend some time with the children before arriving at camp.

Based on a proven 7-year record, this camp mentor and respite project delivers the following outcomes for disadvantaged kids:

Greater resilience and self-esteem
• Overcoming fear and setbacks to attempt new challenges
• Recognising their unique personal qualities

Improved life skills
• Communicating feelings in a constructive manner
• Teamwork to solve problems and make good decisions

Stronger relationships
• Initiating new friendships among peers
• Expressing a sense of value and acceptance

Reduced risk of further abuse
• Able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behaviours
• Demonstrating composure, confidence and self-discipline

Greater hope for the future
• Celebrating personal achievement
• Communicating a positive vision of their future selves and potential

The Directors of UCF were pleased to approve the grant application for $1,300 to cover the cost of the bus hire and trust that the weather is great and everyone enjoys themselves!