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Work Injured Resource Connection Inc. (WIRC)

21 August 2013 UCF Comments Off

Freezer for Emergency Food Adelaide
Work Injured Resource Connection (WIRC) began in 1996 when the founding members gathered to discuss their common experiences and difficulties with the South Australian WorkCover system. It was begun with the aim of providing injured workers with information, knowledge and support as they attempted to regain control of their lives, and understand the system in which they found themselves trapped.

The Bags of Love Emergency Relief project was given this name to reflect what is very much required by many work injured South Australians. Workplace injuries happen across every industry and WIRC recognises that regardless of industry sector the most serious and complex claims can result in loss of control over your own finances, even your own life. Bags of Love aim to provide basic food supplies as often as is possible to ease the burden on the injured worker and their families.

The most serious and complex work injury claims can result in loss of control over finances since, with utilities, rents, rates etc. on the increase, food is the only area the injured worker can cut back on.

WIRC applied to UCF for funds to purchase an extra, large upright freezer. This freezer would enable the WIRC kitchen to take one extra delivery a week from OzHarvest, which in turn allows another 10-15 hampers to be provided to families in need.

The UCF Board approved a $2,000 grant to help WIRC meet the basic food needs of families in financial and health distress.